Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Anaheim, CA

Extensive decay and physical trauma can cause significant discomfort, especially if it affects the nerves and tissue, called pulp, inside the teeth. At Southland Dental, we provide root canal therapy in Anaheim, restoring patients’ oral health and preserving function and aesthetics.

If you are experiencing dental pain, don’t wait to contact our dentists for root canal therapy. We provide care to reduce the pain of infected teeth and fully restore your smile.

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What is Root Canal Therapy?

As a dentist who focuses on conservative treatment. James Lin and his team strive to preserve the natural structures of the teeth through root canal therapy.  Root canal treatment becomes necessary when, by decay or physical damage, the pulp of the tooth is infected. This tissue rests in the inner chambers of teeth and is vital to the health of the tooth.

Our dentists at Southland Dental remove the infected portions of the tooth and the pulp and fill root chambers with biocompatible materials. Once filled, the tooth is capped with a porcelain crown or restored with composite resin. This allows it to provide the full function necessary when chewing, and to maintain the aesthetic appeal of a healthy, natural tooth.

Electronically Guided Treatment

Root canal treatment therapy at our practice is guided by electronic apex locator. This instrument determines the length of the tooth’s root and aids our dentists in providing restorative services with predictable and effective results. Apex locators have helped us ensure lasting dental health for our patients and reduce the amount of x-rays required before root canal therapy.

Tooth-Colored Restorations

Dental ceramics are used at our office to completely restore the natural appearance and stability of a patient’s tooth. These crowns support biting and chewing fore and are matched to the shade of the neighboring, healthy teeth.

If less extensive treatment is needed to restore your smile, we provide cosmetic resin fillings after root canals. This process removes less of the enamel and dentin. As with porcelain crowns, composite material mimics the color of natural teeth, creating a seamless restoration. With these aesthetic restorations, our Anaheim root canal providers are able to combine the beauty of bright teeth, with the comfort of healthy teeth.

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