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First time visit and I'll definitely be back soon!
Such a friendly staff! I highly recommend this dental facility.

Valeria M.

This is the first dental place that I didn't leave screaming. The staff is so amazing, they are very friendly and approachable any questions I may have they answer it and are very patient with me. The office is unlike any office I have seen, they have many rooms with different themes.

Krystine C.

Have been coming here for years.. The doctor is so gentle and kind.. The staff are friendly and nice.. Clean, well knowledgeable and always take the time to answer all my questions with no rush or attitude :)

Scott H.

I have never been to a more caring dental office. Don't even tell me about doctors' offices in general, because Dr. Lin and all of the working staff were extremely compassionate--not to mention downright happy. It is true, that it was a bit of a wait to get into the dental chair, but in my honest opinion, it was very much worth it. Dr. Lin made it feel like you were worth his time, and gave his undivided personal attention, even though you could visibly see that the office was busy. Honestly, I admire doctors like him, since it doesn't feel like he's rushing you at all and he sincerely cares for your well being.

Additionally, the pricing in this Dental office is probably the cheapest you will find in most areas. Dr. Lin is completely willing to help you out even if you don't have a lot of money. All that to say, I'm definitely coming back to this dental office and recommend it for any person who's looking for a long-term dentist.

Sam L.

I don't LOVE the dentist AT ALL, but you know we all need to go. This dentist was awesome, clean, friendly, and professional. I came here on referral from a friend and I traveled about an hour to get here. But the prices arent too expensive and i like that the dentist is straight forward. My bf needed a lot of work and we are definitely coming here for it all. Only thing i kinda well didnt really like was the wait time. But thats the same at any dentist.

Jazmyne A.

If you are searching for a great dentist experience, you must come to Southland Dental! I was referred from a coworker and was hooked after the first visit! The dental assistants are extremely friendly and it does not feel like you are going to a dentist. All the workers made me feel at ease and helped me with any questions or concerns I had. I had a deep cleaning and it was painless, the dentist knows what they're doing! They called me multiple times to remind me of my appointments and was very accommodating when I had to reschedule. It's so hard to find a good dentist, this place definitely fits all the criteria of a long term dentist! THEY CARE and that's what matters to me the most!

Garden Grove, CA

Love! Love! Love this place. Can't believe I'm actually saying this about a dentist. The staff is beyond helpful. They definitely helped ease my nerves. Got a wisdom tooth extracted & it was super painful, only because my tooth was right in between a nerve & another tooth. The anesthesia wore off quickly, happens to me ALL the time, but the assistants & the doctor were so patient & tried so hard to make sure I was ok. Found my new dentist!

Cindy M.

I recently switched dentists and im glad I did.
Dr. Lin is practical and compassionate.
He was willing to help me when my insurance wouldn't cover an extraction.
Dr. Lin also doesn't suggest anything unnecessary.
During the procedure he was gentle and made sure I couldnt feel a thing!
Dr. Ngo and Ralph were awesome as well they made me feel completely at ease.
I recommend this dentist for those who are uneasy about going to the dentist or for anyone that needs one!

Thank you Southland Dental!!

Emily A.

I work with adults with intellectual disabilities. A client of mine was deadly afraid of going to the dentist. There was a few times that I drove her and only managed to walk in and walk right out. I explained to the doctor how scared she was. Dr Lynn was very patient and understanding. He was kind enough to explain step by step what the procedure would be. It had been 8 years since she had seen a dentist. Which unfortunately meant there was extensive work. He made my client feel so comfortable that eventually she was no longer scared of coming in. She would look forward to her appointment, which was odd, since she was coming in for teeth pulling. The staff are all so friendly. They knew us by name. Always offered us water, magazines etc. I would definitely recommend this dentist. The best part was my client expected a huge bill. I had called other dentist and quotes were about $2,700-$3,500. She was very fortunate that Medicare covered her entire bill. Definitely a satisfied customer.

Janette G.

I was recommended by a friend and I'm glad she did! Everyone is very nice and helpful! Friendly staff and they really assist you with great service! Also, they don't try to rip you off with unnecessary suggestions about what you need to get done just to get more money out of you. Highly recommended!

Kirzlyn G.

I love this dentist office. I have been going here for about 17 years and would never go anywhere else. If your on the fence about where to choose, definitely come here!

I love this dentist office. I have been going here for about 17 years and would never go anywhere else. If your on the fence about where to choose, definitely come here!

My Family has been going to Southland for years now! WE love this place. They are NOT out to gouge you out of every dime in your pocket! They take insurance and in most case have always just taken what my insurance covers on all basic services including root canals. They great part is..If you dont have insurance, like some friends I have referred, they will work on what needs to be done and only charge you for what they are going to be doing that day. There is no big plan they set up that you have to have paid off before they do work. Dr. Lin cares and all the staff has always been really amazing! I love the front desk gal...always friendly and sweet! Thanks guys Im always proud to refer people in need over to you guys!!

Kristen W.

I went here because of all the great reviews and needed a pediatric dentist for my 5 year old. As most kids are she was terrified of going and I went in there not knowing exactly what we were in for. For starters the place was super busy and we were still called to the back for xrays in a timely fashion. The staff was friendly and treated my daughter so kindly. They even had a childrens seat just for the xrays. The best part of my experience was when the dentist came in he knew exactly what to say for my daughter to relax and open her mouth. Turns out she had zero cavities! :) I'll definitely be going back.

Margie R.

Let me start off by saying that I have always been one who dreaded going to the dentist. Prior to coming to Southland Dental, I was extremely apprehensive about having dental work done. I can say without hesitation that Dr. Lin is by far the best dentist I have had the pleasure of getting dental work done by. Not only was he very thorough, but he was also patient and helped put me at ease. During the same visit I was able to get a few fillings redone by Dr. Ngo, who did an excellent job and was very delightful. She did the most perfect color match on a filling I needed in one of my front teeth! After having the fillings done, Dr. Lin proceeded to extract one of my bottom molars. The whole process was a breeze thanks to Dr. Lin. The entire staff is genuinely very nice, the dental assistants were very attentive and accommodating. I am scheduled to go back in a week to have more fillings done, but am planning to try to go back sooner! For once in my life I am excited to go to the dentist and have no feelings of apprehension whatsoever. With just one visit, the staff at Southland Dental were able to help fix my teeth and cease my self-consciousness about my smile. (I literally sat there looking at my teeth in the front camera of my phone and couldn't stop smiling.) I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to Southland Dental!

Natalie N.

Dr. Lin is an awesome dentist and I like the rest of his team as well. I have been seeing him for over 15 years and so has my husband.

My children have HMO insurance and because Dr. Lin does not take HMO, I was taking them to a different dental office, West Coast Dental (they suuuuuck!). On one visit with my son, the dentist told me my son had three cavities. Because I only put composites in my son's mouth, I was going to have to pay over $350.00 because HMO does not cover composites. I called Dr. Lin's office and after asking some questions, discovered that I would pay less without insurance with Southland Dental than with insurance with West Coast Dental. I asked to have my son's X-rays so I would not have to have them taken again at Dr. Lin's but they said they would have to charge me $35.00 to email them (and they could not guarantee that they would be clear). I called Southland and they said they could take new ones for only $10.00! Anyway, I did not get my son's cavities filled with West Coast Dental and instead took him to Southland for a second opinion. Dr. Lin told me my son only had ONE cavity!!! And he gave me discount price because I paid cash. I LOOOOOVE SOUTHLAND DENTAL!

Erica F.

I needed to pull out all 4 of my wisdom teeth: 1 tooth was semi-grown out while the other 3 were still under the gum. I was able to call in Saturday morning and get an appointment that same day! Went in, took X-rays, then consulted with Dr. Lin and he confirmed that they were going to be able to pull out all 4 the same day. After getting numbed, they started the procedure that took 40 minutes to get out all 4 of my teeth. Considering I had 2 stubborn teeth that didn't want to come out, it was a really fast and painless procedure. Only needed 1 stitch.
People say the worst part of your wisdom teeth is the recovery, however I felt that they did such an excellent job extracting my teeth that my healing process was a breeze! No pain whatsoever. I was already eating solid food/a hamburger and fries the next day! =X

Since I have no insurance, I was comparing prices with my friends' experiences at other dental offices before coming to Southland. By far, I had the best experience and at the cheapest cost!!! I highly recommend this dental office! The doctors are great, the staff is friendly, and the cost of procedures is cheaper than other places! I live in LA and over 20 miles away but I'm definitely coming back for all my dental work! :)

Helen L.

The staff here at Southland Dental is so friendly and professional they really making going to the dentist worry free! Those at the front desk were so helpful even when I was dumb and filling out the wrong part of the application sheet they didnt make me feel like a moron! =)
They guy who took my X-Rays struck up small talk with me and told me that my Boyfriend could come back and watch me get tortured. JUST KIDDING. I had a LOT wrong with my teeth... =(
But they did an excellent job of explaining everything to me, the cost and how to make it affordable, and the procedures that we needed to do and making me feel comfortable about being there. This is a GREAT place to go and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend anyone to see this dentist, especially since it is on...

KATELLA AVE. (inside joke)

Ryan V.

Ok so I went to so many dentist in past, I got 2 root canals and some fillings done but at the end all of them starting hurting. After searching for good dentist almost a year I found southland dentist. It was very good experience and Dr. Linn is such a good dr, very very honest dr, told exactly what is wrong with my teeth without asking to get more treatment done which is plus point. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I wish I found this dentist years ago than I prolly would have avoid 2 root canals. Please please dont look any further for dentists, I have been to beverly hills thought they would be the best one but all they want to do is get your money and do some treatments which you dont even needed. I deeply appreciate Dr. Linn servinces, I hope he keeps giving his service to orange county community. God bless southland dentist.

Addie G.

EVERYONE SHOULD COME HERE!!!SOUTHLAND DENTAL has a Friendly Atmosphere & are Very Professional!!! I had allot of work done here & i am Truely satisfied. Thank You ALL @ Southland Dental

Daniela F.

I have no dental insurance and so haven't been to the dentist in many many years. Dr. Lin did a thorough exam and consultation. He educated me on my teeth without lecturing which I appreciated. I think their prices are fair and they work with your budget. All of the staff is very nice and helpful. I don't mind coming in for my work because they always make me feel comfortable.

L S.

Dr. Lin is the best dentist I have ever been to. Hes compassionate about pain and will never let you leave the office missing your teeth and does all he can to save the teeth that you have- instead of just pull all your teeth and here's your new dentures! I would recommend Dr. Lin to anyone who is afraid or in pain and wants the best care possible

Derrick L.

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