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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Anaheim, CA

Whether through decay or physical trauma, a compromised smile can create discomfort and lead to the loss of self-confidence. At Southland Dental, we provide dental restorations to restore the health and appearance of patients’ smiles, helping them to regain the well-being that comes from good dental health.

If you have experienced damage to a tooth, or are missing one or more teeth, call today to schedule your exam and consultation with Dr. James Lin and our team.

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Quality, Lab-Crafted Restorations

Our Anaheim dental restorations are fabricated at trusted local labs, ensuring that patients are provided with optimal comfort. When you come to our office, we take detailed impressions of your bite, allowing each crown or bridge to fit your unique smile.

While waiting for your permanent restoration, we provide durable and aesthetic temporaries. These temporaries create a balanced bite and a seamless smile while patients are waiting for their final restorations.

Materials Matched to Your Needs

Crowns and bridges provided at our practice are made from a number of different materials, customized to meet patients’ specific health and aesthetic requirements. For patients who are in need of restoration that will withstand a heavy bite or clenching, we provide porcelain-fused-to-metal and gold crowns. These allow our dentists to restore the health of molars without having to worry about cracked prosthetics.

Should patients require crowns for the fronts of their smiles, all-porcelain restorations are available. These combine the durability and semi-translucence of natural teeth for an aesthetic result. Wholly porcelain crowns and bridges cap, or replace, treated teeth and restore bite balance without detracting from your natural appearance. Crowns and bridges are also matched to the shade of the remaining healthy teeth.

Traditional and Implant-Supported Restoration Options

For patients who are missing teeth, we provide options for both bonded and implant-supported prosthetics. Traditional bridges rely on the neighboring teeth to create stability and are adhered by cementing aesthetic crowns.

Implant-supported crowns and bridges allow us to replace one or more teeth without having to affect the healthy teeth in your smile. This option also preserves the long-term health of the jaw and prevents bone loss or resorption.

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Whether you want a cosmetic crown after a root canal or a large cavity, or are interested in prosthetic teeth replacement, contact our team at Southland Dental today. We provide crowns and bridges in Anaheim that combine ideal cosmetics with dental health.

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