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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that prevents and treats abnormalities of the jaw and bite, either by realigning the jaw or by correcting the alignment of the teeth. The most common orthodontic treatments are those that correct tooth alignment, such as metal or clear braces.

At Southland Dental, our Anaheim orthodontic treatments can both improve oral health and the aesthetic appearance of the smile.


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Multi-Phase Treatment

Our Anaheim orthodontics treatments are backed by experience in the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic dental problems. One of the services we provide is multi-phase orthodontic care. This treatment is able to help patients of all ages achieve ideally straight and aligned smiles with minimally invasive methods. 

Appliances such as palate expanders and spacers can help to guide the growth of the smile while patients are still young, allowing for more conservative treatment later in life, or eliminating the need for braces in certain cases. Once the jaw has been properly aligned and the palate expanded, appliances such as braces or Invisalign® can be used.


Braces have long been considered the most effective method for straightening teeth. While there are now alternatives available, braces are still the go-to treatment for a wide range of orthodontic problems. At our practice, patients can choose the colors of their braces’ bands, allowing them to match their favorite color, or minimize the aesthetic effect on their smile using white or silver.

The use of materials such as ceramic and polycarbonate have created braces that are more comfortable to wear and are less noticeable. While able to correct many of the alignment and occlusal issues, these materials allow patients to preserve much of their smiles’ natural aesthetics.


Invisalign is an alignment system that can correct many orthodontic issues, including crowded teeth, spaces between teeth, and other types of misalignment. The Invisalign system is different from traditional braces in that it involves the use of customized plastic aligners that are worn throughout the day. Over time, wearing the trays gradually shifts teeth into place. 

The plastic trays are also removable and are much less noticeable than metal or ceramic braces. Many patients even enjoy the ease of cleaning their teeth when using Invisalign, as well as being able to continue eating their favorite foods.

Preserving Orthodontic Treatment

Once treatment is completed, we offer our patients multiple choices in retainers to preserve their newly improved smiles. The retainers at our practice can be removable or bonded permanently to the back of the teeth, dependent on the needs of the individual patient. 

However, for patients who opt for removable retainers, failing to place retainers regularly can result in the teeth shifting out of their ideal dentition.

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The best way to determine which method is right for you is to contact our Anaheim orthodontist and schedule a consultation with Southland Dental. We provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment to help patients achieve ideally healthy and beautiful smiles. 

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