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Good oral health in adulthood begins with positive habits formed in childhood. At Southland Dental, we provide quality, caring pediatric dental services to ensure that our youngest patients build positive oral health habits early on.

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Friendly and Educational Preventive Dental Care

The most important aspect of dental care for young patients is proper preventive oral health habits. Decay in baby teeth has an adverse effect on the development of adult teeth later in life, and should be avoided to create life-long dental health. We work with young patients and their parents to help them understand their needs and the steps they can take to preserve long-term dental health.

We work closely with parents to help them understand the examples they set for their child, including providing best techniques in caring for new teeth for children too young to brush for themselves. Parents are welcomed back during their child’s appointment, and both parent and child are encouraged to ask questions they may have about the course of their care.

Our Anaheim children’s dental treatments also include the use of dental sealants. These sealants are a durable plastic coating, adhered to the tops of the molars, creating an additional layer of protection against the formation of cavities. Sealants are best applied early in life, as they cannot be placed over teeth that have had fillings.

Protective Mouth Guards

Southland Dental understands that sports are regular part of many children’s daily lives. We strive to ensure that young smiles are protected from accidental damage that can occur during physical activity. We provide patients with custom sports guards, allowing parents to avoid the physical trauma that can occur from rough play with guards that are shaped for each child’s unique smile.

Restorative Pediatric Care

For young patients who have already experienced decay, or damage to their smiles from physical trauma, our Anaheim pediatric dentist provides restorative services. In emergency situations where teeth have been chipped or cracked, cosmetic bonding ensures your child’s teeth remain healthy, without sacrificing aesthetics.

Significant damage or decay that is too severe for a filling can be treated with aesthetic crowns. We make your child comfortable before removing any damaged or infected tissue, and seal out future damage with natural looking crowns.

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