Teeth Extraction

Teeth Extractions in Anaheim, CA

When a tooth is cracked or infected and no longer viable, extraction becomes necessary to prevent and limited bite function. At Southland Dental, we provide tooth extraction services to help patients achieve a healthy smile.

If you require the extraction of one or more teeth due to an emergency or infection, contact our Anaheim dentists today!

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Conservative Dental Care

As a conservative dental practice, our professionals at Southland Dental always work to preserve the natural structures of your smile. We help patients to avoid extraction whenever necessary and always try to make them comfortable with the treatment they receive.

When determining patient’s treatment needs, we ensure that all other options for preserving an affected tooth have been exhausted before extraction is considered. Patients are then helped to understand why extraction has become necessary and what has happened to the structures of the tooth. Should patients require extraction, we provide sedation to ensure maximized comfort.

Cosmetic Temporary Prosthetics

For patients who require emergency teeth replacement and do not qualify for same-day permanent placement of implants, we provide aesthetic temporaries. These are made to look just like a patient’s natural teeth and avoid unattractive gaps in their smiles before the permanent restoration can be placed. These prosthetics can also help to balance a patient’s bite, ensuring that if a molar needs to be extracted, it will not inhibit their ability to chew.

Anaheim Wisdom Teeth Extraction

While not all patients have wisdom teeth, those who do often need them removed. As third molars, wisdom teeth can push the other teeth forward and change alignment as they descend. Wisdom teeth can also prove problematic when they do not erupt properly. When the third molar is not able to emerge fully from the gums, leaving a piece gum tissue partially covering the tooth, an infection is caused.

In order to prevent such problems from arising, Southland Dental provides wisdom teeth extractions in Anaheim. Our team’s goal during extraction is ensure the comfort of our patients. If third molar eruptions have already affected the alignment of the teeth, we provide orthodontic treatment after extraction to re-adjust your smile.

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If you have experienced a dental emergency, or are in need of wisdom teeth extraction, contact our team at Southland Dental today. We provide teeth extractions, as well as temporary and fixed prosthetics for patients throughout Anaheim and the neighboring communities. 

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